Whether the construction of garbage cans from locally available inexpensive or even free material such as the DUSTBINS OUT OF BAMBOO = DOOB (Ghana) or supporting a village initiative to become an energy self-sufficient eco-village (Ghana) - due to our connection to different networks we are committed to "pushing" larger or smaller projects. Depending on the framework conditions, it can also turn into an economic success. In Ghana, we volunteered to support these projects and still accompany them. Following our workshops there are some projects, which started after we had left to Europe. They are persecuted by Ghanaian teachers and a growing network of enthusiastic Ghanaian people...

We work together with the

  • GIZ in South-Germany
  • ISEES in Ghana
  • KITA Ghana
  • GEN Ghana



Health and sanitation

upcycling - the value of waste

DOOB - Dustbins out of Bamboo

Bridge over a muddy and dangerous water - prevention of Bilharziose

measuring objects

mixing fluids


Schoolgarden and schoolhouse

Working with clay

traditional method of cleaning water with charcoal-filter

Traditional dance, music, dresses