milestones of the project

To develop the international project together effectively, the current project status was reviewed and the goals adjusted if necessary in regular meetings (TPM = Transnational Project Meetings). At some meetings, project partners imparted required competencies to other project participants based on their expertise (LTT = Learning, Teaching, Training).


TPM in Germany: The project partners are meeting for the first time in presence. Principles of collaboration in an Erasmus project are on the agenda, as well as the method of "Design Thinking," which will be used in the development of the prototype.



LTT in Germany: A part of an existing prototype is tested, first decision on how to developed it further according to the needs analysis are met. Later, the target audience will test the program, provide feedback, and the product development process will continue based on the feedback in several loops. 


The first two modules are completed as prototypes. The program is tested for the first time with students at a selected project school in Germany. This phase provides insightful information - including formal requirements for the project: duration of the module parts, implementation in subject classes, qualification for the teachers



A second project school in Italy, the Leonardo da Vinci Campus in Rome, also tests the first two modules. The students from both partner classes initially exchange information about the program online, and later in person. They share with each other and with us what they liked and what didn't work so well. Valuable feedback for the Erasmus team!


LTT in Italy: At the project partner meeting in Rome, the theme is "Storytelling". Students from the two pilot schools and their teacher spend several days near Rome to explore the power of well-told stories.


TPM in Italy: Because the weather was still so mild, some of the work sessions also take place outdoors. In addition to questions about project organization, the discussions also cover sustainable agriculture and the topic of "sustainable nutrition".


TPM in Sweden: The next transnational project meeting takes place on the beautiful archipelago island of Brennoe, near Gothenburg. The map of Italia che Cambia or a European version of it as described in the post, should be central to any future development of the project. However, before that, the additional modules need to be developed for testing at the schools.


LTT in Austria: For the first time, the complete program, including its digital interface, is being tested for user-friendliness and acceptance by students at a vocational school. The team of ICC also gets media-material for the explanatory-videos. As with all meetings, the team stays together in a rented apartment and takes care of themselves. This saves costs and strengthens the sense of community


TPM in Austria: The At the last project meeting in Vienna, all partners are happy. The project results as stated in the proposal have been achieved. Now the focus will be on presenting the program to the public in the countries of the project partners and disseminating it across Europe through the networks of partner organizations.