clim@venture 1.5 - teaching-material

There are 5 modules in our climate adventure. Each module contains a document for teachers. There you will find step-by-step instructions linked to a presentation for the students. In addition, some worksheets are provided to deepen and secure the results. 

In the modul "Things to know before you start" - you are guided through the material, how to select it and how a "fast track" and the "full program" could fit into your timing. As additional content you find: 

  • Paris agreement from 2015
  • knowledge about the SDGs
  • critical media competence
  • story-telling-basics

Students gain basic insights into the topic of climate change.  They deal with energy: where does it come from, how can we generate it and what are renewable energies. They also look at the greenhouse effect and the role of carbon dioxide. They conduct experiments to find out why it has such a big impact as an invisible gas. 

The pupils carry out practical experiments on the topics of energy consumption, the albedo effect, heating, warmth, insulation, nutrition, mobility and consumption.

Students learn how to conduct interviews and write compelling stories that enable them to develop a positive outlook for their future. 

Students explore local sustainable initiatives and green projects, discover them as career opportunities for themselves and build their storytelling and networking skills.

Students learn by publicly showcasing their work results in a local or even international context. They present their findings to classmates, potentially to the entire school, and engage in exchanges with other schools and students who have also participated in clim@venture in their respective regions or countries: Stories worth spreading