seeing hurdles as opportunities

"During the Corona pandemic, the government temporarily banned us from going to school or the theater. That's actually much more painful than when they tell us to please build wind turbines now, isn't it? At least we can still go to the theater afterwards. But will we build windmills later?"  No matter which crisis has to be overcome:

  • climate crisis
  • Corona crisis
  • crises in the form of personal blows of fate

beyond the circumstances that cannot be changed, there is always a part for which each person can take individual responsibility. That's what it means, when people say: "you can learn from crisis".

Andri Snær Magnason (translated and adopted from:

lifelong learning!

Teaching, training and motivation are my passion: When I was at school, later when I started to study the subject and finally in different jobs where teaching and training was my responsibility. In the past, the most important focus of my occupation with education and upbringing was:  How can I get students excited about lifelong learning? How can I light the "fire of learning" in my students that makes them consider learning as a gift that enables them to stay "alive" all your life?

more impact in teaching

But recently, my  focus has shifted. And this happend during the Corona-Crisis - which I experienced as a big challenge for learning myself. The extended and new question was: How can I have more impact with my teaching on the resposibility, students should take over in their future ?

  • How can my teaching have influence on their engagement for social justice?
  • How can I help them in their choice of a responsible job or profession?
  • Will my teaching have impact on the lifestyle they chose in future?
  • Will by teaching have impact on action or non-action to preserve our earth with its diversity and home for so many people and species?

This is, why I started theses pages: reflecting my own change of point of view on teaching and the impact I would be happy to make for teaching in times of corona and teaching in times of climate-change.



See your surroundings through a different kind of glasses: green glasses and let yourself be surprised! Is there any sign of green change, green projects or green initiatives in your region or at the place, where you travel to? Are there "changemaker" who ambitiously engage in green change, be it local, national or even international?


And after all: can you make others also look through these green glasses?

digital tools - more impact in teaching

Telling stories about personal experiences might motivate others to set up "green glaces", e.g. tracking a journey with polarsteps and adding "green spots" to the journey.

listen to changemakers

Changemaker must not necessarily be famous! You can meet them in your everyday life. But of course there are many green podcasts with famous changemakers to whom listening means an extra portion of learning.