Children suffer. Adults become aggressive. Domestic violence is on the rise. All "only" because of Corona.


But some people don't seem to mind that much at all. They even enjoy a new quality in their lives: Deceleration, fewer - but more intensive contacts, home office,  sports, going on mountains....What is different about these people? Do they have different genes? Or were they born "on the sunny side" of life. Are they simply resistant to crises and chaos? I don't think so. They have resilience. But what is that? Is it just a word? A gift? A mercy - or the result of hard work?


Let me reveal a little the mixture for this unique drink for you!

"Whether we seek to recover from serious adversity, to overcome the Corona-crisis  or to achieve greatness, we find the same set of attributes: the ability to demonstrate bounce, courage, connection and creativity. In approximate order of impact, here is short list:

  1. Strong relationships of respect, love and trust
  2. Impulse control and positivity
  3. Physical fitness, good sleep and nutrition
  4. Capacity to stay calm under pressure
  5. Ability to focus attention and be situation aware
  6. Ability to plan and execute effective solutions"

Read more why apathy in a crisis is dangerous, why the development of creativity and courage is a special chance for learning in a crisis, in order to emerge stronger afterwards.