curriculum vitae

Marital status 

married, 2 children, David, 16.9.1997, Niklas, 5.4.2002


 Education and study

First and second state examination for teaching at primary / secondary schools, major subject  English,Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

 First and second State Examination Counseling / School Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich


 Additional training / qualifications

 NLP, person-oriented discussion and psychotherapy

 English, 1st and 2nd State Exams, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency, French (3 years)

 Training and moderation in adult education


Professional background

 1986 - 1993: primary school teacher / school youth counselor city of Munich

 1993 - 1997: Pedagogical and business consulting in field service for franchise partners STUDIENKREIS "-Nachhilfe, working in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Switzerland

 1997 - 2002: Educational and business consulting and product development for the FA FUTUREKIDS, computer schools for children

 2002 - 2008: Management and educational management of the Ecological Education Center of the MVHS Munich

 2008 - 2018: Educational General Management and School Management Elementary and middle school of the school association Emile Montessori School in Neubiberg

 Since 2018: Department of Climate-Education - Energy Agency Ebersberg / district of Munich!


 Munich Environmental Prize for "Munich Climate Autumn"

Environmental Award of the community Neubiberg

Environmental School in the district of Munich

Excellent climate school in the district of Ebersberg / district of Munich

Fields of Activity: teachers

Workshops, supervision, counseling

 Teacher training at home and abroad

 relationship and learning success

 organization of self-organized lessons

 energy transition in the classroom

 environmental and resource management

 lesson preparation and self-reflection

Fields of Acitvity: schools and students

School start-up advice

licensing procedures and pedagogical focus

legal form, network architecture and property search

find and bind teachers, marketing, homepage, flyer, media

Students coaching

time management, learning technique and learning strategies, reduce test anxiety and concentration training

private tutoring and professional orientation

integration advice for refugees and internships abroad

Fields of Activity: Lecturing

Montessori Pedagogy: History + Present

self-organization of lessons & project work

motivation and achievements in mathematics lessons

“failure” – or why mistakes are important…

sustainability consultancy

individual and group supervision

work in the network

energy transition for schools

 Free time - hobbies

the word "up-cycling" could have been invented for me! In my free time, I love to develope individual “creations” from supposedly "worthless" waste. I also enjoy cycling and hiking in the mountains We are reading books together with some friends in our monthly "literature-circle". And I sometimes play some pieces on the piano - together with my husband, playing cello.