Why do pupils not come to school regulary?

Ahmed Hayford, one of the teachers who attended our workshop in summer 2018 was incited with the ideas: Don't complain - take things into your hands for a change! Look for support and carefully make documentation about your projects. Read about his ideas, plans and first little stepts of success!

There are different reasons that can identified or assumed, why children are not coming to school regularly:


 1. Inadequate books and learning materials.

 2. Some parents send their wards to the farm because there was no food in the house for lunch. So the children would starve in the afternoon when they come back from school until when the parent would come later in the evening. 

 3. Pupils were not doing their homework because they did not find an idle place to study at home.  

How can we make school an interesting place to learn?

So the big question we asked was:  "How can we make school interesting for parents and pupils?" See the plans for improvement and how he faced the difficulties: 

 1. Renovation of the school to make it friendly for learning. 

 2. Finding out ways to give free lunch to pupils to motivate them come to school everyday but not the farm.

 3. Start working on the school projects - such as a schoolgarden and make the learning-surrounding more pretty and appealing!   


How can we get support for more attractivity of the school?

Some successes so far (reported by Ahmed, Jan. 2019)

1. We worked with the P. T. A. to petition our mayor for funding for renovation of the school. And he was able to supply us with paint. 

2. Our Chief in the village and his elders also supported us with wiring for electricity for the school. 

3. We petitioned our area MP (member of parliament), and she also supported by funding a daily lunch for the school pupils. 

4. I went with my pupils to petition the head of Agric in the district to support with the school projects too. And though not much has come out of that engagement, I'm optimistic good things will come out. Since his secretary is meeting us Wednesday, to discuss about why our previous efforts with the projects are not fetching the expected results, re-bugeting of the projects and many more.


Let's hope for good news and Ahmed power to look for constant improvement in order to get more support to progress the projects!