Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

In September 2019 Dr. Renate Glaser, twin-sister of Angelika Bachmann did a 3 days training for a school in rural Ghana in cooperation with bachmann-education and Mr. Daniel Mansoe - projectmanager and teacher.

Teachers of the school, pupils and their parents went into an exchange of challenges concerning health, hygiene and sanitation in the village.

The training was a mixure of:

  • input and information
  • testing water with a mobile easy handling water-kit
  • analysis of the results
  • common work on how to improve sanitary conditions
  • check of the eays of the pupils and their parents

The intention of the workshop was to reach many participants from the village, in order to get multiplication of knowledge and experience from many sides:


  • About 150 pupils
  • all teachers of the school
  • authorities from the village

Mr. Daniel Mansoe, teacher at the village and participant of two further workshops by bachmann-education was the organisor:

Arrangements at the place

communication with authorities

multiplyer to all his collegues and his headmaster


As the workshop was open to interested teachers from the region, communication and transfer to other schools can be expected.